For those of you that have never attended an auction you should know the following: 

1.  Registration before the auction starts. This simply means giving the registration office your name along with your ID such as a driver license, the address and telephone number where you can be reached.  If you are a dealer with a tax number, make sure you bring your sales tax certificate, otherwise you will have to pay taxes on your purchases.

2.  You will receive a bidders card to bid on items you are interested in. This bidder number will be recorded along with a lot number of the items you purchase. This is so when you go to pay out, the cashier will have a record of the items you purchased. Please allow 10 minutes after the last item you bid on so the cashiers will have all your purchases before checking out.

3.  Try before the auction starts to inspect any items you are interested in for damage,cracks in glassware, missing pieces, etc., etc. Most auctioneers will try to let you know of damages when they put an item up for sale but if they forget it’s your responsibility. All auctions sale items “As Is --Where Is - No Warranties or guarantees "

4.  At O'Neals Auctioneering we let the crowd start the bid.  As the Auctioneer puts up an item you are interested in and begins to accept bids, he/she will tell you how much the current bid is for and what he is asking for from the next bidder. If you are willing to pay the asking bid give the Auctioneer a hand sign letting him know that you are interested and he will take your bid and so on and so on until no-one is willing to pay any more. The last person bidding wins the bid and the item. 

5.  At any time your not sure, ask the Auctioneer anything you need to know while he is on that item. Please do not ask questions after the item is sold unless you feel you were the last bidder and there was some type of confusion.  In most cases then the Auctioneer will re-open the bid between you and the last bidder to resolve who the winning bid is.  

6. Be sure to never interrupt the clerk who is recording final bid amounts and the winning bidder as it is a critical job for seller, buyer and auctioneer. 

7. Once the auctioneer says SOLD on an item, you are the legal owner and it is your responsibility to secure your purchases as you wish. If someone else mistakenly walks off with your item, you remain responsible to pay for it. Most of the time it can be resolved and found, but if not, it is your loss.

8.  Some of our auctions have a 10% buyers premium.  This means that an additional 10% will be added to your total sales.  

9. All purchases must be paid for by the end of the auction with either cash, check or credit card. We reserve the right to verify a check prior to its acceptance and also the right to refuse any check payment. We have contracted with an electronic-debit company to handle any returned checks and will pursue such.  In most cases if you have purchased large items and need to return to pick them up, you can make arrangements with the Auctioneer after the auction.

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We will be happy to answer any further questions you might have

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