Auction Terms & Conditions
To register to bid at our auctions you must show a verifiable, valid U.S. government-issued photo and signature ID such as a drivers license or state identification card. We also need a telephone number where you can be reached. All purchases must be paid for by the end of the auction in either cash, check with proper ID or with Visa or Mastercard. Unless stated in our advertising or on auction day, there is never a minimum bid, hidden reserve bid or "pending owners approval" condition on any of the items sold at our auctions.

We reserve the right to verify a check prior to its acceptance and also reserve the right to refuse any check payment. We have contracted with an electronic-debit company to handle any returned checks.

We firmly believe that one of the many reasons the auction method of selling is best is because it is the fairest - both to buyer and seller. 


For auctions where we do accept absentee bids, the bid must be at $50 or higher. 

Please note - our fiduciary responsibility is to represent the seller and earn the most money for those who have entrusted their personal or business property and collections to us - our sellers. 

 How Can We Earn Your Business?

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